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Kent Library Policies and Forms

Filming and Photographing Policy

Filming and Photographing in Kent Library

The policy governing filming and photographing in Kent Library and its spaces is intended to help maintain an environment conducive for study and research.

  1. Complete “Request for Permission for Filming/Photographing Form” at least four business days prior to the requested date. Note: No photographing or filming is permitted without a “Request for Permission for Filming/Photographing Form,” signed by the Access Services Manager or the Dean of Kent Library.
  2. Filming and photographing must be by Southeast Missouri State University students, staff or faculty.
  3. No filming/photographing activities may take place that interfere with normal library services or operations or that may create hazardous conditions.
  4. Photographs or filming of individuals may be taken only with that person’s expressed permission. Please use Southeast's Video/Photography Release Form.
  5. On the approved day and around the approved filming/photographing time, the signed “Request for Permission for Filming/Photographing Form” must be presented at the Circulation Desk.
  6. The person(s) doing the filming/photographing are responsible for:
    1. Ensuring permission is obtained from all individuals being filmed or photographed;
    2. Maintaining a safe work environment; For example: electrical cords not in walkways; no one should be standing on chairs or tables; or other security disruptions.
    3. Returning library facilities to the before filming/photographing condition;
  7.  Kent Library reserves the right to suspend filming/photographing at any time if it becomes disruptive to library users or staff.
  8. Kent Library reserves the right to prohibit filming/photographing if it is believed that the project will be disruptive to library users and/or staff.

For news media-related videotaping and photography requests, contact  University Communications at or 573-651-2459.

Revised 5/28/2021

Photography and Filming Form