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Creating an OER Attribution

Attributing means giving credit. It's the same idea as "citing." 

Citing = Attributing
Citation = Attribution

Below are the two main methods of attributing or citing materials. Check with your instructors for their preferred method(s).

Resource page adopted from: "How to Cite OER" by Tacoma Community College Library is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Open Attribution Builder Form

Attribution Formula: Title -- Author -- License

This is often referred to as the "TAL" formula for citing OER.

Basic form for the Open Attribution Builder

OER with Regular Citation Styles

Use a regular citation style, like APA or MLA and simply add the CC license or public domain info at the end of a regular citation.

Below is an example in APA style.

1. Create a regular citation:

Photo iconBasic formula for citing IMAGES in APA style:
Owner/Author/Creator. (Publication Date or n.d.). Title of image in italics [media type such as Painting, Photograph, Infographic]. Retrieved from URL.

Photo iconExample of citing an IMAGE in APA style:
Claypool, R. (2012, October 5). Flamingo [Photograph]. Retrieved from

2. Add the license info:

Use the acronyms (like CC BY SA), or the text versions of the license (e.g. CC Attribution - Share Alike, which is the text version of CC BY SA). For public domain material, add "Public Domain."

Photo iconExample of adding license information for an IMAGE:
Claypool, R. (2012, October 5). Flamingo [Photograph]. Retrieved from CC BY license.

Additional example:

Video iconExample of adding license citation information for a creative commons licensed VIDEO:
All Things Animal TV. (10 September 2014). Flamingos: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning [Video file]. Retrieved from CC BY license.

More information

Image sources:

  • "Photo icon" by IO-Images, Pixabay, is licensed under CC0 (public domain)
  • "Video icon" by IO-Images, Pixabay, is licensed under CC0 (public domain)