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Finding Economic Data & Statistics

U.S. Government Sources

There are a number of U.S. governmental agencies that produce and aggregate international economic statistics. For many of these, the data will cover American economic relationships with other countries. 

World Factbook

Seal of the Central Intelligence AgencyBrought to you by the CIA, the World Factbook covers basic statistics about every country in the world, including sections on their economies, communications systems, transportation networks, and energy sectors. Information in structures into country profiles and comparative country rankings. 

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Census Bureau International Trade Data

United States Census Bureau logoIn partnership with the Treasury Department, the Census Bureau gathers statistics on imports to and exports from the United States. Data is broken down by partner country and region, by sector, and by states and metropolitan areas

The Census Bureau's data is used in some of the other data tools on this page. 

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International Trade & Investment Country Facts

Logo of the Bureau of Economic AnalysisThe Bureau of Economic Analysis's Country Facts are profiles that cover information about data relating to trade, investment, and multinational business enterprises related to the United States and a given country. 

Each country profile includes (when available):
  • Total exports to, imports from, and trade balance with the United States
  • Exports and imports of goods and services by type
  • Imports and exports as a share of total U.S. imports and exports
  • U.S. direct investment in the country
  • Activities of affiliates of U.S.-owned multinationals in that country
  • Activities of affiliates of that country's multinationals in the U.S.
  • New investment in the United States by foreign direct investors in the country

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TradeStats Express

International Trade Administration sealThe mission of the International Trade Administration is the strengthening and promotion of U.S. industry in international trade. Part of that mission includes maintaining the TradeStats Express database, which contains U.S. merchandise trade statistics. TradeStats Express is divided into two sections, National Trade Data and State Export Data. 

National Trade Data includes: 
  • Global Patterns of U.S. Merchandise Trade:  U.S. exports, imports, and trade balances by sector with all trading partners
  • Product Profiles of U.S. Merchandise Trade with a Selected Market: U.S. exports, imports, and trade balances with individual countries and with whole regions 
State Export Data includes: 
  • Global Patterns of a State's Exports: total exports from a state or region
  • State-by-State Exports to a Selected Market: exports from each state to individual countries and whole regions
  • Export Product Profile to a Selected Market: exports from a state or region to countries, regions, or worldwide by sector

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