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Research Help for Regional Campus & Online Students

This page provides useful information to help students at SEMO's regional campuses and those taking online courses.

Research Help

The librarians are happy to provide research assistance for your projects and papers. 

Librarians can help you to
  • Select search terms
  • Identify where to find books, articles, and other library resources for your topic
  • Use library and web search tools more effectively
  • Evaluate the quality of what your find
  • Fill gaps in your research
Contact us by 
  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Email

Background Information

Reference sources help you find background information on a topic. 

Reference sources include
  • Topic overviews
  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Biographies
  • Pro/con essays
  • Statistics collections
Use reference sources for
  • Basic facts and definitions
  • Identifying important people, organizations, concepts, and events 
  • Descriptions of multiple perspectives on a topic
  • Summary of existing research on a topic
  • Lists of recommended sources for further reading

Research Guides

If you are not sure where to search in the library for information on your topic or are unsure how to do college library research, the research guides created by the librarians at Kent Library can help. These guides collect resources and tips for effective research at Southeast. Some guides are for finding research in whole subject areas, some a for specific classes, and other teach general research skills.

  • The default research guides page organizes guides by type, so that you can browse all guides that are for courses, for whole subject areas, and guides that do not fit into those two categories ("General Purpose").
  • You can also go to the "By Subject" tab and see all guides categorized by subjects that are based on the academic programs at Southeast. For example, clicking "Business" would bring up all subject, course, and general guides that could be useful for business research.