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Research Help for Regional Campus & Online Students

This page provides useful information to help students at SEMO's regional campuses and those taking online courses.

Online Library Tutorial

Searchpath is Kent Library's online tutorial that overviews resources available through our library and how to do library research more effectively. If you have not done library research before, or could use a refresher, give it a look. 

Searchpath has sections on:

  • How to begin your research.
  • Picking a topic.
  • Using the library catalog.
  • Finding articles in databases.
  • Better web searching.
  • Citing your sources.

Research Guides

The librarians have put together a collection of research guides to help you with your research projects. They will detail what resources are available for you to use and how to find them more effectively. Guides can be on whole subject areas, designed for particular classes, or on how to find and use different research resources. You are using one of our research guides right now! 

Background Information

Understanding basic facts and other background information about your topic makes it easier to search and identify what you want to research. The easiest place to find this information through the library is in our reference sources. These sources include specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, pro and con arguments on current issues, image collections, quick biographies, and statistics.

Research Help

The librarians are happy to provide research assistance for your projects and papers. 

Librarians can help you to:

  • Select search terms.
  • Identify where to find books, articles, and other library resources for your topic.
  • Use library and web search tools more effectively.
  • Evaluate the quality of what your find.
  • Fill gaps in your research.

We are available to help via online chat, text, email, or phone.