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Selecting Search Engines

A collection of general and specialized web search engines.

Other Specialized Search Engines

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Search Interfaces

Browser Extensions


  • Finds archived versions of over 362 billion web pages. 
  • Allows you to see broken links and track changes on the web over time. 
  • Browser extensions allows you to look at previous versions of the page you are on, automatically shows archived versions of dead pages, and lets you save the current version of a page to the Wayback Machine. 
  • Part of the Internet Archive. 


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Search Interfaces



  • Computational knowledge engine.
  • Can compute mathematical & scientific formulas, statistics, and personal finance & health question; does unit & measurement conversions; provide information on chemical compounds & reactions; investigate word properties; and many more specialized searches. 
  • Computes results from an extensive knowledgebase of data, algorithms, and methods.

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