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Dance: Books and Articles

Recommended Databases

These databases allow you to search publications that will be useful in all fields of dance.


Use the Kent Library Catalog to search for books, videos, cds, and other materials.

You have several options for searching. Two popular options are via keyword and subject. Below are samples of each to get you started.


Keyword Search:

dance AND culture (the first book shown below is a result of this search)


Subject Search:


Modern Dance (the second book below is a result of this search)

Jazz Dance

Art and Dance

Dance Companies


Browsing is another way to search for books. Kent Library uses the Dewey Decimal System for classification. You will find most.books on dance in the 790's.

790      Recreational and Performing Arts

791      Public Performances

792      Stage Presentations

792.7   Variety shows and Theatrical dancing

792.8   Ballet and Modern Dance

Dancing for exercise can be found in the 613's

613.715   Arerobic dancing