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Finding Articles Related to Communication

You can find articles on a variety of topics using Kent Library's databases. Some databases are general and cover a wide range of topics, and some are subject specific. Below, there are some databases that are good for finding articles on communication. 

Recognizing Scholarly and Professional Articles

There are different kinds of professional articles that you can use for your assignments. 

Research Articles report the results of original research conducted by the author. The abstract, or summary, of these articles will often use phrases like "we studied," "we conducted," or "we found." These articles will also usually include a section of the article labeled "Methods," "Results," or "Discussion." 

Theory / Thought Piece Articles can also be used for this assignment. These articles often review and collect findings from research articles and provide an overview of specific theories or topics. Sometimes, these articles are called "Literature Reviews" or "Review Articles." 

Different kinds of scholarly and profession articles will have some things in common that you can look for: 

  • Written by researchers for researchers -- whether the article is reporting on research or collection research, the author will be using the language of that particular field. This language will be more complex, technical, and formal than you would see in other sources. 
  • Appear in academic / peer-reviewed journals -- scholarly and professional articles go through a long review process to ensure that the information and findings are accurate. These articles are then published in peer-reviewed journals. Many of the databases listed above will tell you if a journal is peer-reviewed by either clicking on the journal name or looking at the "Abstract / Details" tab. 
  • Include references and citations

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